Aside from planning and studying for the ACT in Walnut Creek, another thing that occupies the minds of most students is the right time to take the test. Actually, there is no single best time to take it; it just depends on your schedule.

Since the process for college application is quite grueling, it’s important that you should prepare early. The earlier you prepare for the ACT, the better chance that you will score well on the test. That’s why it is crucial for you to be aware of these schedules so that they will guide you as to when to plan and prepare accordingly.

Many websites have released the ACT test dates for the year 2017, only the remaining dates are shown.

Test dates (2017):
June 10
September 9
October 21
December 9

Registration deadline (2017):
May 5 — for June 10 test date
August 4 — for September 9 test date
September 15 — for October 21 test date
November 3 — for December 9 test date

Late registration deadline (2017):
May 6 to 19 — for June 10 test date
August 5 to 18 — for September 9 test date
September 16 to 29 — for October 21 test date
November 4 to 17 — for December 9 test date

Release of test scores (2017):
June 20 – -for June 10 test date
TBA — for September 9 test date
TBA — for October 21 test date
TBA — for December 9 test date

Important note: these dates above are based on the previous release dates from the ACT and are subject to change.

As said earlier, there is no single best time for you to take the test. You can choose any of the test dates shown above that fit into your schedule or preference. And it doesn’t hurt if you familiarize yourself with the ACT format early. After all, taking the ACT in Walnut Creek is a big deal, and in the end, you will benefit from this test if you prepare and plan ahead of time.

Here are some examples:

1. 9th grade – as a freshman, you obviously lack any experience in the standardized tests department. At this point, it is way too early to take the ACT test; you have to gain additional knowledge in your first year or second year of high school.

But if you’re seriously planning to take the ACT, it is best to wait to take the test at least until the start or your sophomore or junior year. Knowing how to plan and prepare for the ACT at this stage will give you better chances of succeeding throughout your college application process in the near future.

2. 10th grade – If you have familiarized yourself with the format and content of the ACT test by this time, you may want to give the test a shot as soon as possible. At this point, you may have learned a lot from your first two years of high school, and you may be qualified to take the test.

While you may discover questions that stump you for over a minute, thankfully the ACT is not really that insurmountable. Rest assured that you won’t encounter anything in it that you haven’t learned before.

It is also suggested that you should take the exam twice — in June, just as summer kicks off and then in September, just as the junior school year starts.

The summer break is the perfect opportunity to relax and have fun after you take the first exam; you may treat that as your practice test. Afterward, you may start preparing for the September exam as the summer break winds down — unless you did impressively on the first test!

3. 11th grade – With more difficult subjects and a moderately busy schedule lining up, the best suggested time to take the ACT is February first, and then September just as you enter the senior year.

The winter and summer breaks give you the opportunity for some relaxation and fun, as well as for studying for the February and September exams, respectively. Tutoring at this point is sometimes recommended.

If you want to take one exam only, September would be the best bet.

4. 12th grade – If you are yet to take any standardized tests by the time you enter your senior year, you should take the ACT as soon as possible! Time is crucial in your final year of high school, and at this point, you’re also going through the college application process, among other activities. If you do not take the test early, you won’t be able to send your scores to the colleges of your choice on time.

However, cramming for the exam is not always advisable as it won’t help you to get high scores. Since the December test date is your only option, the best bet is to devote your Thanksgiving holiday (and long weekend) to studying.

But if you’re not really regarding the best time to take the ACT, September is often the most recommended. The summer break gives you plenty of time not just to relax and have fun, but also to study for the exam.

Remember — the scenarios above are only suggestions. They may work well for you but they may not do the same for the other students, as your schedules are different. You may work in summer jobs or have taken summer courses, and for this reason, you may want to consider another test schedule. You may take the exam again if you fail the first, or second, or third time around. Really, it is up to you to decide on the best time to take the ACT in Walnut Creek.