Taking the Scholastic Aptitude Test (better known as the SAT) in Walnut Creek is a necessary, if a bit nerve-wracking, thing that most students do. This is especially true when college is their next destination. Since acceptance into the student’s choice of college or university is often at stake, getting a good score on the SAT is very important to most if not all students. The best way to achieve an excellent score on the SAT is to be prepared.

There are a variety of ways parents and teachers can help students be prepared to score well on the SAT test.

  • Take practice tests. There are free practice tests available online. If you can get a complete practice test, you can take your student to a quiet location and have him or her take the test as it will be given on the official test day. Score it according to the instructions to give your student some idea of the final score. This will help the student to know which areas to study more before taking the official test.
  • If you can afford to do so, have your student plan to take the SAT more than once. The advantage to taking the test more than once is that the student is more comfortable the second (or subsequent time) and will likely do better. Only the highest score will be used for college admissions and scholarship applications.
  • Use the study tools on sat.collegeboard.org/ (the official site for the SAT test). There are several things available there, including a question of the day.
  • Know how the testing works. Know whether the student should guess or if wrong answers will be penalized. Know how long the sections will be and how much time will be given to complete each one. Knowing ahead of time will allow the student to focus on content.
  • Some students may prefer to have a tutor help them study for the SAT. This can be beneficial for many students.
  • Encourage them to pay attention in their regular classes. The stated purpose of the SAT is to show the general knowledge and skills of a college-bound student. Because of this, most of what is on the test is material that is being taught in classes your student attends throughout high school.
  • Encourage your student to read. Reading will be a help to any student, whether the material is classic literature or novels or non-fiction. Comprehension and critical thinking are enhanced through practice.

Whether your student is a freshman in high school and looking ahead or a senior and preparing to take the SAT in Walnut Creek this year, proper preparation is the key to scoring well.