the SAT in Walnut Creek may naturally bring a sense of dread among test-takers. Even if they have prepared well for the test, they may nevertheless feel stressed or anxious. For those who feel that they have been overcome by anxiety for the coming SAT tests, here are some ideas that students can use to manage their “nerves” for the big day.

  1. Even if students say they have prepared enough, they might consider taking additional practice tests. This will help them become more familiar with the test format as well as the time allocated for each section. They can hire a traditional or online instructor with whom they can review their answers. These instructors will help the test-takers by pointing out what needs to be worked on, as well as give tips and strategies on how to ace the SAT test. A student who is prepared and confident will be able to dismiss their anxieties about the upcoming exam.
  2. One of the best strategies to beat anxiety and score well on the SAT is to prepare several months — not days, or a week or two — before the test. Not surprisingly, the reason why students feel anxiety is that they prepared in a short period before taking the exam.
  3. Set realistic expectations. The reason why a lot of students feel nervous is that they may have high expectations before entering the test center. Just erase those lofty expectations off your mind and instead think that you may not be able to score perfectly in SAT, and that will be fine. Then you’ll realize how less pressured you will feel when you enter the testing room.
  4. Quash negative thinking. A lot of students who feel tension on the test day may think that they won’t do well on the test and that they are not prepared. A student who may have negative thoughts should replace them with something more positive. Tell yourself that you’ve prepared as best as you could for the SAT test and you have what it takes to succeed on the test.
  5. Being physically sound is also a practical way to cast off anxiety before taking the test. Getting adequate sleep before the test (as long as you are fully prepared), performing slow, controlled breathing exercises before and even during the test will help you relax and remove some of the anxiety.

Students taking college entrance exams have all been in a similar situation. They may have experienced fidgeting, worrying, excessive sweating, rapid heartbeat, trembling, or disorganized thinking. Anxiety is a real issue that should not be ignored because it makes it more difficult for students to focus on the test they are taking. Hopefully, these simple strategies will help students overcome anxiety when taking the SAT in Walnut Creek.