As everybody knows in the education world, the SAT in Moraga has undergone a major revision, so the question is: are the review methods going to be remarkably different?

The answer is, yes in a way, because a redesigned SAT means new reviewing materials. The first and the best way to go is to get an official practice test for the new SAT, designed by the College Board itself. This is because an official SAT practice test is the closest you can get to the actual test — same instructions, same content and same time constraints.

Supplementary review materials will be okay — in fact, they will be very helpful in broadening your understanding and familiarity in the redesigned SAT. However, do make sure that the additional materials are from highly-rated, credible resources. If you are using substandard review materials, they may not be effective in preparing you well for the actual test, even if you have spent long months studying and reviewing.

Other suitable options can be used as additional (never the replacement) materials to the official SAT practice test:

  • PSAT practice test – This is another test by the College Board, the ones who brought you the SAT. The biggest difference between the PSAT and SAT practice tests is that the former doesn’t have an essay practice test. Other than that, they are pretty much similar to each other.
  • SAT prep book – The prep book should also be as close to the real SAT test as possible. Make sure that you acquire the prep book from the College Board or other reliable and reputable source.
  • Other College Board-approved test prep materials – Preferably, you should also get other test prep materials from the College Board as well, or other materials that are College Board-approved. Check out their “Sample Questions” and try to answer Math (calculator-permitted and not calculator-permitted), Reading, Writing and Language, and Essay sample questions.
    The Khan Academy also offers great products that are also approved by the College Board. However, sometimes they’re not exactly the best resource as you may encounter some issues with the material.
  • Other test preps – You may go for unofficial test preps as additional material for your reviews, but use them with caution, though. They may come cheap or for free, but they may also be of inferior quality or may not exactly resemble the official SAT test preps. They may be particularly helpful when you’re done with the official test preps and you’ve scored high on those practice tests. Since a lot of their content is untimed, this is good for doing untimed tests and reviews. As implied again, they’re not the same as the real SAT, so be careful when using these unofficial test preps.
  • You can also read books in your library, to broaden your reading scope.

You may also choose to use other reliable online resources. Make sure that the SAT and other related articles are regularly updated so that you won’t be left behind when it comes to acquiring tips and tricks for scoring high on the SAT in Moraga.