No matter how excited they are, or if they are dreading it, many students wonder when is the best time to take the ACT or SAT in San Ramon. There may not be a specific answer, because every student is different, but the following information may help you decide if you are ready to take either test.

The college application process takes quite a long time. So it is important not to wait until your senior year when college applications start rolling in before you take your first ACT or SAT. Prepare as soon as early. The earlier you prepare and practice for the ACT or SAT in San Ramon, the more confident you can become on test day and, of course, the higher chances that you do well on the test with high scores.

So when is the best time? Consider the following scenarios:

1. Taking the test too early
Common sense says students should take the ACT or SAT in San Ramon in the spring semester of the year before they begin sending college applications (the junior high school year). It is also ok for students to take their first ACT or SAT exam early in their senior year.

You can take the test before then. However, you have to stop first and consider if taking the test too early will do you any good. Keep in mind that this test is designed for 11th and 12th graders, so most likely you won’t be as prepared for the test as if you wait — particularly with the ACT, which is more oriented on classroom learning.

2. Taking the test too late
The latest you can take the ACT or SAT and still be able to see your score results show up on your college application by the deadline is December during your senior year. Remember, you may also need to retake the exam if your scores come out lower than you expected. Even if you’re smart and are confident that you do well on the test, you don’t want to wait too long.

It is not advisable to take the test later than what is stated above, even if you’re confident you’ll be able to pass the test. You never know what could happen. If you’re suddenly sick or hit with unexpected personal problems, they could upset your ACT or SAT scores. You don’t want to regret that scenario wherein you wish you had the time to take the test again, do you?

3. Taking the test during school breaks
Some students think that winter or spring break could be the best time to take the ACT or SAT test. At this point, the pressures of school are behind them for now, so that they will be able to review in their own pace as well time to relax and go easy so that they can be prepared on the day of the exam.

However, these breaks give students the time to rest and relax, as well as recover from those busy and stressful school days. Imagine you’re taking the test while your brain and body haven’t been well-rested. Chances are you won’t function well come test day and that could affect your performance and your scores. Think about it.

So when is the best time to take the ACT or SAT in San Ramon? Usually, most students take the ACT or SAT in the spring of their junior year. If they fail that first test, they can retake it again the fall of the senior year. It’s strongly recommended, though, that you should re-take the test not more than two or three times. Those schedules are the most ideal because they fall where you belong academically and they correspond to the deadlines for college applications.

Begin to think about and decide when is the best time for you to take the ACT or SAT in San Ramon. Remember, you want to make sure to take the exam — not too late, but not also too early!