An achievement exam that is accepted by colleges and universities, is the ACT. Danville students may want to learn more about this test. Originally named American College Testing, it’s now called simply ACT. It is similar to its competitor the Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT) in virtue of testing a student’s academic abilities. However, they do differ in some ways. The ACT focuses on four or five subjects: English, Reading, Science, Math and Writing (which is optional), each with its own standard duration. Some feel this makes taking tests under the ACT speedier than taking the SAT.

The SAT leans more toward aptitude, which assesses a student’s reasoning and verbal capabilities. The ACT, on the other hand, is more of an achievement test which measures what a student has learned in school. ACT, unlike SAT, offers math tests that not only include algebra and geometry, but also trigonometry.

While the SAT has a mandatory writing test that has been in existence since 2005, the ACT has an optional writing test. Students who undergo the ACT course take the writing test only if it’s required or requested by the college or university to which they are applying.

For those interested in the ACT in Danville, it is helpful to know it is accepted by many colleges and universities throughout the United States. The ACT is offered four to six times yearly, but it depends on the state. The ACT format is also used as a college placement test in many higher learning institutions in Canada, and also a few other countries. So what does ACT reveal about readiness not only for college but also a student’s future career choices? The ACT results will provide an accurate indication of the student’s academic ability and readiness, whether they will do well in college or for the workforce.

For instance, look at the ACT results from 2005. The score reveals that only about half of the high-school students who took the ACT were ready for college-level reading. Reading (which includes complex reading comprehension, and is a really integral part) is an important component for preparedness — not only college but also for those entering the workforce. In 2012, ACT scores disclosed that 75% of the high school students in Ohio were deemed not ready yet for college, much less for a career. These are only of the few results, and more disappointing numbers have come up which have caused concerns for parents and school districts across the country.

College students haven’t been faring much better than those in high school. Many college students have even taken remedial reading courses. What’s worse, some of them have taken these courses more than once. That’s quite a bit of time spent in college before finally receiving their college diploma. Some companies don’t accept students who have graduated from college just because they don’t meet the requirements based on their ACT scores. These disheartening results only reflect of the country’s literacy problems.

To help students avoid falling into these statistics, preparation for taking the ACT is important. Apex College Prep offers small and private lessons to assist students who plan to take the ACT. Although it’s based in Walnut Creek, it serves students from surrounding areas including Danville. For students who are seeking more comprehensive instructions and practice tests, Apex College Prep also offers a comprehensive ACT program. Apex also gives a combination of ACT/SAT review services, but these are only available for students who have completed Apex’s full SAT program.

With Apex College Prep’s assistance, students will have a better chance of scoring high when they take their ACT in Danville. A better ACT score will also mean a brighter future for them in both college and their chosen career.