The Scholastic Aptitude Test Junior, or SAT Jr in Walnut Creek, is a program designed for students in the 7th through 9th grade who would like to begin preparing themselves to take the SAT test in the future. The SAT is generally given during the junior year of high school, but students may build the skills they need with this program offered by Apex College Prep.

The program is designed to assist high-achieving 7th and 8th graders prepare for the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY) Talent Search. It will also help high school 9th graders begin to prepare ahead of time for the SAT.

As students start thinking about what they want to do with their lives, they often think of going to college. Many students do not realize they can prepare early to improve their chances of a college education by taking classes that will help with test taking. The class we offer, for instance, introduces students to the SAT format for Critical Reading, Writing, and Math. This class also teaches the vocabulary, critical thinking, analytical writing and problem solving that will ensure their success not only on the SAT but also for regular school work.

The fall and winter seasons are the right time for you to begin thinking about the SAT Jr for Walnut Creek students. In fact, it is good to start as early as possible, because procrastination can find you in your junior year of high school having to cram to take the SAT and hope you do well. If you do not think about preparing until you are in the fall of your senior year, chances are you may not be able to attend the college or university of your choice.

For those who are about to go into, or have recently started, their junior year, prepare yourself while you’re still in that grade. You may start by researching and/or visiting colleges and universities, and then pick the ones that you’d like to attend. Take the standardized tests such as the SAT or its competitor, ACT.

Taking the SAT or ACT gives you the chance to evaluate your reading, comprehension, and math skills, analyze your errors, and develop your academic strengths to maintain or improve your scorecard if you decide to take your SATs again in your senior year. Contrary to the popular notion that the senior year is a period where students just “coast along” before graduating, the senior year is in fact a very busy time that consists of proms, senior days and homecoming, not to mention the most challenging school work you’ll have. The good thing about taking SAT Jr in Walnut Creek is that it will take a lot of the stress off in your year because you are thoroughly prepared and ready in time of the SAT tests.

While most of the sections of the SAT Jr. are quite similar to the regular SAT, the difference between the regular SAT and the SAT Jr. is that the latter has expansive writing, reading comprehension, and math sections. This is to expose juniors to some areas of math that many have found to be difficult.

One of the institutions that offer assistance with SAT Jr is Apex College Prep, located in Walnut Creek, California. Apex College Prep is a leading K-12 after-school education facility that offers students the tools, skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

All of these will be achieved within your reach when you undergo Apex College Prep’s SAT Jr in Walnut Creek. Not only Apex will help you prepare for the SATs, their programs also offer other opportunities for learning and exploration, as well as facilitating admission to top colleges and universities in the US.