Students who are interested in taking the SAT in Lafayette may doubt that they would pass the exam. Their fears may be based on the difficulty they have in certain subjects such as mathematics and languages. For this they can avail the help of preparatory schools to guide them in preparing for SAT.

Apex College Prep is one preparatory school that will help a student focus on their strengths as well as improves their weak spots. Apex College Prep offers assistance to students with several aspects of language and math, in particular.

Apex College Prep helps refresh students’ math, language, and verbal skills. Many students have weaknesses related to mathematics, so our tutors will help them review core content areas in this subject. In addition to this, we also teach general strategies for tackling every type of exam question including trap answers, estimation, common problem set-ups, “re-writing” these questions in ways that will appear more direct and thus simpler for the students to find the correct solutions.

Our tutors also boost college-level vocabulary to broaden the student’s vocabulary, since we know vocabulary is the core of language-use and test performance. An expanded knowledge of vocabulary surely helps to get the students prepared not only for the SAT but also in essay writing. Students are required to learn the definitions of a word and its etymology (roots and suffixes), as well as more difficult words that students commonly encounter.

To help students master vocabulary, we regularly hold quizzes on definitions and patterns. We also emphasize patterns of form and meaning across large bodies of words (we literally have thousands). We teach students to recognize positive, negative and neutral values, as well as to be on the lookout for second, less common definitions.

The Apex College Prep tutors also help students to hone their reading and comprehension skills, developing their analytical and critical thinking. In terms of writing essays, our tutors encourage students to independently form their own ideas and arguments in a wide variety of topics. This helps them move beyond the SAT to have students write on other readings, as well as literature, past historical, and current events. In this way, students will be better-rounded overall.

Many students also encounter problems with correct grammar. Our tutors teach and rigorously review the basics of English grammar, with an emphasis on pattern recognition so that students can excel in correct grammar as well as punctuation.

We also practice non-test materials as well, and help students review and analyze their missed SAT questions in terms of the problems students usually face in everyday writing.

We provide students with complex but user-friendly self-review sheets for all major types and content areas. Students will recognize not only how these questions are constructed, but which skills and areas of knowledge is most importance for a given test, and which of these skills they feel they need to improve.

Students normally feel jitters on the day they take their SAT tests. Apex College Prep will help ease their test anxiety and puts their confidence back when they take their SAT’s.

If the SAT is on the horizon, our test prep tutors can teach students with their expertise and strategies. They also motivate and inspire SAT test-takers with a holistic yet personal approach to languages and mathematics that will take the mystery out of academic and standardized tests. In the end, students will become more proficient and confident in dealing with these techniques. In addition, they will be more knowledgeable, well-rounded and articulate about certain rules and formulas, as well as literature and current events. This will help students go beyond success on standardized exams such as the SAT in Lafayette.