The SAT Jr in Orinda is for students that either want to prepare early for the SAT or are applying to specialized summer education programs which use the SAT as an entrance requirement. Apex College Prep offers assistance with the SAT Jr. for Orinda 7th to 9th graders who want to build their SAT skills.

What is the difference between SAT and SAT Jr., you may wonder? Here are a couple of differences between the SAT and SAT Jr. courses:

  1. While most of the curriculum in SAT Jr. is the same as in the regular SAT course. However, the SAT Jr. allots more time in developing and enhancing long term improvement in reading and comprehension. SAT Jr. also covers a wider math curriculum. This is to compensate for the younger student’s lack of exposure in certain areas of math.
  2. Of course, the SAT Jr. in Orinda is geared toward younger students. Tutors are specially trained to teach these students so that they won’t feel intimidated with the SAT. Besides, since younger students generally lack the attention spans compared to that with the older SAT-taking students. Instructors are also trained to encourage these younger students to engage more actively in their classes.

Our classes will also enable seventh to eighth graders achieve high marks, to prepare for the John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY) Talent Search. High-achieving ninth graders, on the other hand, may well move forward to prepare for the SAT.

Our instructors will introduce younger students to the SAT format and help them get familiar with the three sections: Critical Thinking, Math and Writing. We will also help younger students build their academic skills. We will provide instructions to help expand their vocabulary, enhance their analytical writing and critical thinking, and improve their math problem solving.

About John Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth (CTY)

This talent search from John Hopkins University sponsors this program (held yearly) to recognize seventh and eighth graders who achieve over 500 and 600, respectively, on the Math or Critical Reading sections of the SAT Reasoning Test. These high-achieving 7th and 8th graders can qualify for the first level of the CTY Talent Search. These qualifying students will also be granted with certificates and access to many of CTY’s summer enrichment programs.

Excelling students who score at least 700 on either math or critical reading of the SAT will also qualify for the second level of the CTY Talent Search. This second level is far more significant and impressive than the standard CTY because students who will qualify for this level can become part of the Study of Exceptional Talent (SET). Becoming a part of SET is very prestigious because this is highly recognized by top universities in the country.

SAT Jr. Orinda will prepare students by enhancing their vocabulary, improving their reading comprehension skills, sharpening their high school level abilities in math, as well as developing their strengths in critical thinking.