Usually, most students take the SAT in Alamo during their junior or senior year in high school. More than half of these students take the SAT twice — one during the spring of their junior year and another during the fall of their senior year. More often than not, many students who do not do well on their first SAT test see their scores improving on their second SAT attempt.

There are also SAT Subject Tests which are taken by students towards the end of their junior year or at the beginning of their senior year. This means that students should take more challenging tests like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or World History as soon as possible after finishing their courses in these subjects. Students tend to score better on other subjects like languages.

It may sound relatively easy, but the truth is the road to taking the SAT in Alamo is a long, long process. There are students who begin preparing for college life as early as in their sophomore year. For most students, the road to college starts with the PSAT in October during their sophomore or junior year. The PSAT, by the way, is a multiple-choice test taken by over three million sophomore and junior high school students nationwide. Although the PSAT doesn’t make a great impact on college applications, at least it prepares students on how to handle the exam pressure once they take the SAT or ACT in the future.

Students, especially those who are bound for college, must complete at least one SAT. The decision when to take the SAT in Alamo is not as easy as it seems, especially considering the overwhelming amount of admission tests, athletics, extracurricular activities, and other exams aside from the usual school activities. By just looking at the student’s staggering schedule, should a student take the SAT as a junior or a senior? Here are some tips to help a student decide when to take the SAT in Alamo:

  • Begin as soon as possible. Even if you’re still in your freshman year, if you want to do really well on the SAT, you should create your own plan. Read and write and practice on math as soon as you can, and take more challenging subjects to better prepare you for the SAT. You must also learn about SAT Subject Tests. Although it’s taken by most sophomore or junior students, there are still some tests that you should take as soon as possible after taking particular subjects such the ones mentioned above.
  • In your sophomore year, maintain your academic grades, and participate in extracurricular or volunteer activities. To boost your chances for SAT success, consider the Advance Placement Program, which offers college-level curricula to high school students. Even though the PSAT is offered to 11th graders, it’s also good to ask if 10th graders may also take the PSAT. By taking the PSAT, you may be able to see your scores which will determine your ability to score well on the SAT in your junior or senior year.
  • If you intend to take the SAT in your junior year, you should also get ready first for the PSAT test, which is taken in October. Also plan for your spring exams — you may have the option to take the SAT or three SAT Subject Tests on one examination day. If you want to take both tests, carefully plan your schedule. To help you prepare for the SAT, you may also want to hire the services of a qualified, experienced tutor or reputable tutoring facility such as Apex College Prep. They will provide you the skills and the confidence you need to succeed.
  • If you plan to take the SAT again in your senior year, the start of your final high school year is the ideal time. According to research, students who take SAT for the second time have their scores remarkably improved. To enhance your SAT-answering skills, you may take rigorous practice tests, and then review your scores to determine which are your strengths as well as areas which you still want to improve. It’s also helpful to take the SAT Subject Tests to determine your knowledge of a particular subject, especially subjects that are a bit more challenging to you. You can also avail the service of a tutor, or a college prep tutoring facility such as Apex College Prep. Our rigorous curricula, supervised homework, and specialized tutoring will greatly boost your chances of scoring well on SAT in Alamo.

After you have taken the SAT, send your scores to colleges and universities of your choice. It is recommended that you send these scores in December or January of your senior year, as many colleges and universities have application deadlines in those months. Send reports of your scores as soon as possible to have a better chance of getting admitted to college.

Keep in mind that most colleges, universities, and scholarship programs will accept you if you score well on SAT. If you pass the exams as a junior but fall short of the mark needed to become a qualified applicant of the schools of your own choice, spend time reviewing and take the test again.

Taking the SAT as early as possible in your junior year of high school is considered the best strategy. This will allow you time to focus on other aspects of the college prep process. However, it’s also good to prepare as early as in your first year of high school to better familiarize yourself about all things regarding the SAT. This will also enhance your chances of success in your SAT in Alamo by the time you take it in your junior or senior year.