Many parents desire their children to get into the top private middle and high schools in the country, especially when they have the means to get them enrolled. But first, students have to do well on the ISEE in Alamo in order to be admitted to these schools.

The ISSE is a standardized admission test used by the majority of the private schools in the U.S. Even though students may excel at the schools where they are presently studying, they may still need to take the ISEE. This is the valid way for private schools to know what students have learned (or have not learned) at their current schools. Below are some ways for students to receive higher ISEE scores:

1. Do simulated timed tests. Give yourself only as much time as the simulated tests allows as if it’s the actual test day; this is to see how well you manage in such a limited time. Are you taking too long or are you rushing too quickly? If you tend to focus on one question for a long time, you may put a mark on any question you find difficult to answer. Then you can go back to it when you’ve finished the other test items, as long as you have time left to do so.

2. Focus on and improve your weaker areas. If you notice you keep getting the wrong results from a certain type of question, go back and try to boost these “weak spots.” For instance, you may need to have a little more practice on your vocabulary, or on certain areas of math like fractions and percents. Try to improve the areas you feel will drag your score down.

3. Read extensively. Reading alone helps to broaden your knowledge as well as prepare you for the more challenging and complicated reading and writing that most private middle and high schools demand. Reading high-quality books helps to build up your vocabulary and grammar, as well as increase your reading comprehension by providing an awareness of more difficult words and sentence construction. Titles such as Romeo and JulietHuckleberry Finn, Hamlet, and many other literary classics will help in this area. While it’s ok to read contemporary literary works, try to read the classics too. These books have been well-regarded for centuries and have broad appeal as well as relevance to today’s readers.

4. Having a good memory is important especially on test day. It is also good to work on remembering what you have read and learned from your practice. In order to do this, it is important to read under ideal conditions. Avoid reading when you’re too tired or distracted. Set a certain schedule so that you can focus on reading — make sure it is the time when your concentration is at its highest. Try marking up the texts that you find a bit complicated to understand, and use a marker or make notes to highlight phrases, passages, important plots, or characters.

5. Reading the directions correctly is something that many test-takers take for granted. Many students may know the answers to these questions, but still they get zero points for answering them incorrectly. For instance, the directions tell you to circle the answer choices, but instead you ignore those directions and underline them. Slow down and carefully read the instructions — this is very important. Remember the key words “except” or “only” to ensure that you are answering what each question asks.

6. Never save reviewing until the last minute. It’s recommended that you should start several months before you take the ISEE. This will allow you to improve your weaker areas and build up your memory. Cramming during the last minutes before the exam won’t help you score high on the ISEE.

7. If you can’t prepare on your own to boost your scores, consider hiring a tutor or sign up for a test-prep course. Make sure that the tutor you hire has experience and a good reputation, as well. Apex College Prep is one of the most reputable preparatory institutions in Alamo and other parts of Bay Area. We have years of experience and are dedicated to giving the skills and confidence students need to succeed in many standardized admission exams including the ISEE.

Apart from hiring a good tutor, make sure that you do all the homework and practice tests that your tutor gives you. These will help you prepare to take the ISEE test.

It’s a given that exclusive schools emphasize a high-quality education, so there is little wonder that they want their students to be well-qualified. Knowing the demands of these elite private schools, thorough preparation is the only thing you need to get higher scores on the ISEE or any test. Proper preparation before the ISEE in Alamo, or anywhere, will help you gain admittance to the school of your choice.