The mere thought of taking the SAT in Lafayette is enough to intimidate you, as well as the preparation that comes with it. However, you may be comforted to know that each test has its own difficulties, and the SAT is no different. Of course, it is common sense that if you do not prepare for any test at all, you will fail for certain.

Preparing for the SAT can be stressful for any student. The only ways to pass the SAT test are to study hard and prepare well — and to follow a few more helpful tips.

Before the exam

The SAT in Lafayette is an important test compared to other tests you take in school. Your success on the SAT could be the ticket to your college education (especially when you intend to enroll at a college of your choice). However, the good news is that the SAT is a predictable test and with thorough practice and preparation, you will be able to pass.

It may be difficult resisting the temptation to spend all night long cramming for the SAT. But the fact is, you’ll do better if you prepare much earlier then get plenty of rest before the big day.

It’s also not good to have an empty stomach before the test, so it’s important to have some breakfast. Do make sure you don’t drink or eat too much right before the big day. You don’t want to waste too much of your test-taking hours inside a restroom.

During the exam

The SAT has many approaches to help you do better on your test — in fact, the SAT has its own set of rules that every student should know in order to improve their score. With a little bit of research you will find there are few more great ideas and strategies to score effectively on your SAT in Lafayette.

1. Use the process of elimination (POE). When you are unsure of the answer use this strategy by ruling out any incorrect answer choices before answering a question. Don’t be afraid to guess on the SAT. Unless you are trying hard to work on a difficult question, eliminating even two answer choices significantly increases your chances of guessing correctly.

Fortunately for the upcoming updated SAT in 2016, you won’t be penalized for guessing incorrectly any longer.

2. Answer the easy questions first. Whether you deal with an easy or a hard question, either of them will still yield one point for a correct answer. Don’t waste your time focusing on the hard questions since you don’t get extra points for them. Answer the easy questions first and skip the more difficult ones. When you’re through with answering the easier questions, you can go back to the harder ones you’ve skipped.

3. If you are not familiar with the answer choices, leave the question blank, except for the math grid-ins. It is fortunate that there will not be too many questions on the test where you don’t have the faintest idea how to answer. On every section except for the math grid-ins, you will receive zero points for a blank question — and that’s definitely much better than being penalized for a wrong answer choice.

4. Use your SAT test booklet for marking off eliminated answer choices, make notes, write down math formulas and computations, and cross out questions that you have skipped so that you may go back to them later. No one will read the test booklet, so feel free to use it in a way that benefits you most.

5. Don’t try to second-guess yourself. Usually, the first choice is the correct one. Do not try to go back and second-guess your answers. Trust your instinct — it is correct most of the time!

Try to use the services of reputable college prep institutions such as Apex College Prep. They will provide specialized tutoring to help build your test-taking skills as well as the confidence you need for the “big day.” We hope that these simple, but effective tips, will help you pass the SAT test in Lafayette.