The ACT in Walnut Creek is one of the two standard college admission exams in the United States. It is offered across the country several times a year, usually between the months of September and June. However, it is not offered at each test center on every date of the exam. For instance, the Saturday test dates are more often not held at most test centers. So it’s important for a student to find out when and where the ACT exam will be held in his or her area. Your high school counselor should be able to provide you with this information or you may learn about it from the ACT Assessment Booklet.

Many students say that the ACT in Walnut Creek is much easier than its rival, the SAT. However, it still depends on the student. But one thing is for certain — the ACT is not an IQ test. Since it is a curriculum-based test, it instead measures how much a student has learned in high school. A lot of students are able to pass it on their first encounter, while others who are not lucky the first time may take the test again.

Inevitably, many high school students would ask the question: “How many times can I take the ACT?” You may be surprised to learn you can take the test as often as it’s offered, but it should only be one test per session. For some students, there are some benefits of taking the ACT again after flunking their first (or second) test. According to research done by the ACT itself, those who took the exam more than once improved their composite score by 55% — so it’s a great improvement on the students’ part.

If you take the ACT three times, then there’s nothing to worry about. Don’t get carried away though — if you take the ACT more times than that, things may start to look poorly for you. Although you can take the ACT as many times as you need in order to get the passing score, you should not take the exam without thorough review and preparation. It would be a waste of time and money. And what’s worse, the colleges and universities you’re applying to will notice that you took the exam like say, five or six times. Do you think you’ll have a decent chance of being admitted to the college of your choice knowing you had dismal ACT performance?

One of the ways to prevent this fate is to take the ACT once as a junior, and once or twice as a senior. That way, you will become more familiar with the exam, giving you a better chance of passing it in fewer attempts — or just one attempt if possible.

Another way is to seek the services of a reputable college prep tutor like Apex College Prep. They will focus on equipping you with the academic skills you need to do well on the ACT exam. Apart from giving you skills, the tutor is also be dedicated to helping you gain the confidence you need on your test day. Whereas hiring a college prep tutor will cost you some money initially, in the long run it will actually save you from going back to take the ACT in Walnut Creek over and over again.