Do you know that there is also a SAT 2 in Moraga? We’re sure a lot of people would like to know what SAT 2 is, how it exactly works, and what the differences are between the SAT and the SAT 2.

The SAT 2 is also known as the SAT Subject Tests, which is also a standard college admission test in a multiple-choice form. It is offered by The College Board, that’s why it was initially called The College Board Admission Test. The SAT 2’s objective is to demonstrate a student’s knowledge of a particular academic subject. The subjects that the SAT 2 covers include English (literature), mathematics (on various levels), languages (that range from English to French to modern Hebrew to Japanese), sciences, and history (U.S. or world).

If you are going to apply to some competitive colleges or universities, you may have to take up to three SAT 2’s as required. But even if they aren’t required, this particular test can help you get a clearer picture of how well you will fit in a particular college. Most colleges use SAT 2’s not for the purposes of admitting a student into their school but actually for the purposes of program placement and counseling.

The SAT 2 gives more emphasis on brief and focused tests which makes it quite different from the SAT. Generally, each of the tests takes an hour to complete, but there are some exceptions. For instance, the writing test consists of 40 minutes allotted for multiple-choice answering and 20 minutes for the writing sample.

The SAT 2 allows the student to choose which subject tests they would like to take, unlike the SAT where a student has to complete all three sections. In the SAT 2, a student can also take up three tests at one sitting.

So how do you know which of the Subject Tests you should take on the SAT 2? First, make a list of the colleges or universities you’re considering. Then, find out through their website (or any other sources) if these schools consider a Subject Test score as one of their requirements. You will also want to learn if they do require them, which ones in particular are required. You can use these colleges and their admission requirements as a basis for planning your high school course schedule (e.g., a college that requires a high Science Subject Test score or another that requires a Language Subject Test score).

You may want to know when you should take the SAT 2 in Moraga? Typically, the best time to take the SAT 2 is at the end of the school year, preferably the end of the junior year. It’s quite obvious that you’re going to have more knowledge about specific subjects in June rather than in October of your senior year.

We would like to inform that not all colleges require a SAT 2. You may have to go to the website of your preferred colleges to see if they have the SAT 2 as one of their requirements. It is also good to check out the College Board’s official website ( for additional information regarding the application information for specific colleges you are considering to determine if they require the SAT 2 in Moraga or any nearby locations.